Brain Surgery
In brain surgery, time is critically important. Make the
best decision for your patient as soon as possible. Get in-depth knowledge on aneurysm,cerebral hemorrhage and on all issues.
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Spinal Surgery
Access diagnosis and treatment methods for lumbar
disc herniation, cervical disc herniation and spinal
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Spinal Surgery

The experience we have acquired through more than 3000 cases have helped us improve the
methods that recover patients as quickly as possible. Find detailed information on all sub-branches of spinal surgery.
Lumbar Disc Herniation
Employing a technique unlike the traditional one, I have performed surgeries on “over 1000 patients in 23 years…
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Cervical Disc Herniation
The part of our body where disc herniation occurs second most frequently –lumbar area being the first- is the..
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Spinal Stenosis
Thanks to modern medicine, human lifetime has been extending, which has resulted in higher number of patients…
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What is Mikrodiscectomy ?
Microdiscectomy is a method that helps us clear hernias in our cervical, lumbar, or rarely, back by causin…
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Brain Surgery

Have a look at our articles to get information about brain surgery issues and methods of brain surgery…
Aneurysm is a balloon-like structural impairment developing at junctions of blood vessels…
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Cerebellopontine Angle (CPA) Tumors
We, as brain surgeons, call the place as “the angle”, which is located behind our ears, where our…
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Having cystic, calcified and hard parts, craniopharyngioma is a benign tumor which develops from…
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Pituitary Adenoma
Located at the base of brain, a few cm behind the root of nose, and having settled in a bony hollow of 1 cm in size…
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Patients Comments

Mevlüt Geyikoğlu
Korhan Doğrugil
Tuğba Tuğkan Metehan
Yasin Eskiköy
Caner Yıldız
Ebru Aktaş Derebaşı
I have had to undergo brain surgery for 5 times. He “brought me back into this world from the afterlife and delivered me to my family” in his own words. Bless you, dear doctor. We should kiss his hands (for we feel grateful to him for his lifesaving service) and he deserves to be in heaven.
He is a very good doctor. He has helped me a lot through e-mail and through the web site.
A miraculous man who performed the surgery for my brother 2 days ago. May God give you a long life, dear doctor. May God bless your parents, who brought you to this world.
I believe that Doctor Yunus is one of those rare doctors without many peers out there, who also became the means of saving my life.
Deary doctor got back to me quickly, and gave the required directions regarding my problem. I convey my thanks.
The doctor who saved my mom’s life at the Sisli Etfal hospital in March 2011. May God keep you around all the time.

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